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Ideal Gifts for Seniors This Holiday Season

Choosing the right gift for your parent or grandparent is a hard task. Seniors have a lifetime of gifts and usually have a different perspective on life. Luckily, Chajinel Home Care Services know seniors well hence we’ve realized some useful gifts for then.  Here are great holiday gift ideas for seniors you may consider: Lap … Continue reading

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A Few Reasons Why Seniors Should Get Vaccinated

Seniors and caregivers are two of the most at-risk group of people to get the flu. The quicker and simpler way to significantly reduce the chance you or your elderly loved one will get sick is to get a flu shot. Here’s what Chajinel Home Care Services thinks about why a flu shot is essential … Continue reading

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What Can You Do to Minimize Your Risk of Falling at an Advanced Age?

Falling can be a serious and dangerous risk for many senior citizens. Losing your balance is trivial when you are young but when you are older, it can lead to a fall and get hurt. A fall could lead to severe injuries. So what can you do to minimize your risk or the risk of … Continue reading

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How Can Sleep Keep You Healthy In Your Golden Years

One of the most important things we can do for our health, especially at an advanced age, is to sleep. Sleep has an effect on many aspects of our health from our mental clarity to our physical capabilities. This effect only becomes more and more obvious with age. So if you are entering your golden … Continue reading

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Aging: Does It Really Change Us?

As we grow old, we will notice evident changes in our body. From wrinkles to the weakening of our muscles. However, these noticeable changes could just be the tip of the iceberg. Inside our body, there could be drastic changes happening that we are not aware of. Perhaps our healthy cells are slowly degenerating. We … Continue reading

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