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A Few Reasons Why Seniors Should Get Vaccinated

Seniors and caregivers are two of the most at-risk group of people to get the flu. The quicker and simpler way to significantly reduce the chance you or your elderly loved one will get sick is to get a flu shot. Here’s what Chajinel Home Care Services thinks about why a flu shot is essential … Continue reading

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Diabetes Management: Recommended Exercises to Lower Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is a deadly condition. It happens when the blood glucose or blood sugar level is too high. However, diabetes, a chronic disease, can be prevented through controlling blood sugar level. Aerobic exercise is a useful exercise to lower blood sugar level. Aerobic exercise can help your body consume insulin better and also make your … Continue reading

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For Family Caregivers: What Can You Do to Take Care of Your Health

Caregiving is an arduous task, especially for family caregivers. We, at Chajinel Home Care Services, know this fact. That is why it’s imperative you stay healthy and fit to avoid or prevent any health risks that caregiving can bring. Here are some things you can do to make sure you stay healthy as much as … Continue reading

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Psychological Symptoms of Depression: A Sign That It’s Time to Get Screened

Depression is a common mental illness that affects almost everybody, but this is not all. If left untreated, depression can lead to more severe consequences that affect your physical health and increase the risks of health issues. Hence, it is a must to get screened when you feel you have signs or symptoms of depression. … Continue reading

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Foods That Keep the Eyes Healthy

People believe that aging impacts the health of our eyes—and it’s natural. Well, this is a wrong connotation because your eyes are dependent on your habits. Healthy habits such as eating the right food are proven to be effective in keeping your eyes in good condition. Chajinel Home Care Services has listed some foods that … Continue reading

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