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Exercise to Keep Your Joints Healthy

If you want to keep joints flexible and strong, exercise is a big factor. Plus, it will help you lose weight and take pressure off painful joints. According to professionals. with every pound you lose, it is taking 6 pounds of pressure off your hips and 4 pounds off your knees. If you have any … Continue reading

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Health and Aging: You and Your Joints

The connection between the two bones is what we call a joint. Joints are essential to allow you to bend your knees and elbows, bend your back, turn your head to various directions, and wave/move your fingers. Our joints are cushioned by smooth tissue called cartilage, synovium, and the lubricant-acting substance called synovial fluid so … Continue reading

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Aspects to Look Into When Taking Care of Elderly People

Declining health, friends living far away, limited food choices, and mobility challenges are all issues that the elderly people may face. Allowing your beloved elderly to handle these concerns on their own is really not an option. As a concerned relative, it would be wise to avail of home care services in San Francisco, California … Continue reading

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The Compelling Reasons You Should Hire Experts to Care for Your Elderly Beloved

It’s certainly a great honor to take care of the elderly. In the same way that they took care of us when we were young, caring for them in their old age is our way of giving back. However, there are really just tasks that are beyond our skillsets. This is the time when you … Continue reading

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Senior Citizens Deserve Emotional Care

Chajinel Home Care Services believes that senior citizens need emotional care just as much as anybody else. Truth be told β€” seniors may need it more than anyone. Unless they have pets or a friendly neighbor who always drop in for a chat, senior citizens tend to feel lonely at home because they feel isolated … Continue reading

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