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Making Your Home Senior Friendly

Are you taking care of an elderly loved one? Have you been keeping your grandparents company lately? Do you have parents who are finally in their golden years? There are many factors to consider when making sure that you are providing the best care possible for your loved ones. You will need to make sure … Continue reading

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7 Handy Tips in Meal Planning for Alzheimer’s Disease Patients

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore. Eating is more than just chewing and swallowing food. It is an integral process by which the body acquires nutrients to be transformed into energy for the body to last the … Continue reading

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4 Seemingly Small Things That Actually Matter to Seniors

Have you asked your grandpa or grandma what do they want for their birthday? More often than not, they will not demand something like a brand new car, the latest iPhone, or the trendiest pair of shoes. What you will most likely hear is them asking for your time and attention. Many have said that … Continue reading

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Why Our Joints and Muscles Hurt as We Grow Older

Half of our problems when it comes to aging usually involve our bones and muscles. We often complain how our knee joints would hurt during the cold season. We often complain about how our feet become sore easily when we walk half a mile. These are the things that are very evident as we age. … Continue reading

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3 Ways You Can Avoid Accidents at Home

Safety should always be our top priority. We might have heard these lines or anything like this a million times but we never paid much attention to it. The same thing goes when we are talking about our senior’s well-being. We might have heard the doctor telling us repeatedly how we should make the house … Continue reading

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