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Senior Citizens Deserve Emotional Care

Chajinel Home Care Services believes that senior citizens need emotional care just as much as anybody else. Truth be told — seniors may need it more than anyone. Unless they have pets or a friendly neighbor who always drop in for a chat, senior citizens tend to feel lonely at home because they feel isolated … Continue reading

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Grumpiness in Seniors: Try to Understand Them

Senior citizens can sometimes become cranky and argumentative about every little thing without them even realizing it. The truth is, they find it frustrating when their age and health affect their daily activities. While some senior citizens are open about what frustrates them, others experience misplaced emotions. You may think that your senior loved one … Continue reading

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For Family Caregivers: What Can You Do to Take Care of Your Health

Caregiving is an arduous task, especially for family caregivers. We, at Chajinel Home Care Services, know this fact. That is why it’s imperative you stay healthy and fit to avoid or prevent any health risks that caregiving can bring. Here are some things you can do to make sure you stay healthy as much as … Continue reading

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2 Tips for Aging Gracefully

Aging is a process that we cannot stop, at least not yet, so it is important to take the steps necessary to slow down this process as much as we can. As we get older we will be faced with two choices. We can either continue living the life we love or we can become … Continue reading

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A Closer Look at Neurocognitive Disorders (NCD)

A neurocognitive disorder, also known as dementia, talks about an extensive variety of disorders that target the brain. Every single NCD highlights a procured intellectual deterioration in at least one subjective space. These disorders have a tendency to include issues with reasoning, thinking, memory, and critical thinking. Depending on how serious the symptoms of an … Continue reading

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